The goal:

To help you become an enthusiastic daily meditator. Use Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying as your nuts and bolts guide for solidifying a daily meditation practice.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to position your body for optimal results in meditation?

  • When to focus in meditation and when not to focus

  • The best practices for keeping meditation feeling E.A.S.Y.?

  • The optimal times to meditate

  • Supplementary practices

  • What can make meditation unnecessarily H.A.R.D.

...and much more

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To enter the challenge:

Get a copy of Bliss More (in any format). Once you have the book, fill out the form below, enter your receipt, or upload a screenshot of your audiobook, or take a photo of you with your book, and you can start the challenge right away.


Thousands of people have already used this 21-Day Bliss More Challenge to solidify a daily meditation practice. Here is what they’re saying:

“Light breaks down the barriers to a practice. He makes learning it a simple and self actualized process that is E.A.S.Y., enlightening, and fun.” — Leslie Montano

“Light has a keen, innate sense of ‘pain points’ that new meditators experience. He articulates the ‘excuses’ or ‘pain points’ very well and equally addresses them with graceful and easy to implement solutions.” — TLP

“This was one of the best books on meditation I have read. It helped me realize not only the importance of it in a daily practice, but just how easy it truly is.” — Gloria G

“I completed this 21-day meditation challenge, and I now have an understanding of how to be more consistent with my practice. I look forward to my meditations.” — D.

“I tried meditating as recommended in this book and the 20 minutes went by so quickly. That had not been my experience with my regular mindful meditation. It was really a great experience and I felt relieved. — Caey Ferguson

21-Day Challenge FAQs

What to do if I don’t get the email with the ‘Start’ button?
Once you sign up, you will receive two emails—one confirming that you signed up (the subject is “The Bliss More Meditation Challenge 2.0”). And the other (subject: “Welcome to the 21-Day Bliss More Meditation Challenge”) is your ‘Start’ email. The Start email should arrive in your inbox within a few minutes of submitting your form and receiving your confirmation email. So if you don’t see it there after 10 minutes, check your SPAM folder and Promotions tab. If you still don’t get either of the emails, then it’s possible you signed up with the wrong email, so we recommend re-registering above. If you get the confirmation email, then the Start email is on its way.

How can I do the challenge with my co-workers or friends?
Once everyone registers and receives their Start emails, then just have everyone click the “Start button” in the Start email on the same day, and everyone will begin the challenge at the same time.

Is it possible to receive the challenges earlier? I am on GMT+1 time and would love to receive the emails at 6 am.
Unfortunately, this is not possible.

I was wondering if I could change the email that was entered on my entry form for the 21 day challenge? It is currently going to ..., which is my work email. Would you please update it to this email please,...
Unfortunately, this is not possible. The best option would be to sign up with another email and start over.

I'm going to do the 21-day challenge, however, I'm not comfortable with posting my progress on social media. Can I email Light my accountability photos directly?
This is not necessary. You don’t have to post anything to complete the challenge.