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The goal:

To help you get the most out of Bliss More: How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying and solidify a daily meditation practice in the process.

Topics we will cover:

  • The different approaches to meditation and how to pick the best one for you?
  • How to position your body for optimal results?
  • When to focus in meditation and when not to focus
  • The best practices for keeping meditation feeling E.A.S.Y.?
  • The optimal times to meditate
  • The anatomy of mantras
  • What can make meditation unnecessarily H.A.R.D.

...and much more

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To enter the challenge:

Get yourself a copy of Bliss More (in any format). Once you have the book, fill out the form below, enter your receipt, or upload a screenshot of your audiobook, or take a photo of you with your book, and you can start the challenge right away.