Learn meditation on a Retreat

I regularly lead groups to international destinations such as India, Tulum, Costa Rica, and Bali to learn and practice meditation and Rounding. There is always healthy food, a fun, eclectic group of participants, and lots of practical Vedic knowledge. Get more details on my upcoming retreats below:

If you want to have a truly life-altering experience, come learn Vedic Meditation on one of my retreats. If you've already learned Vedic Meditation or Transcendental Meditation, then I'll teach you how to "Round" on the retreat. Rounding is a combination of meditation + breath work + yoga, and leads to richer experiences. 


"I went on Light's Costa Rica retreat knowing no one, and now I meditate twice a day and have amazing friends all over the world!"
Nick T. - Minneapolis, MN

"I arrived with little knowledge about meditation and left understanding that my response to life is actually, really and truly in my control."
Janay J. - Atlanta, GA

"I'm forever grateful for the opportunity I had to deepen my practice, as well as the new friends who made the journey that much sweeter."
Ali Q. - Jacksonville, FL

"There was delicious food, an amazingly diverse group of people, and some adventures thrown in for good measure. I came back from the retreat literally glowing."
Danielle H. - Los Angeles, CA

"I've arrived solo to two of Light’s retreats and left with a great group of friends that I continue to stay in touch with. It's an amazing way to spend a vacation."
Karen M. - New York, NY

"It was an amazing experience that I will benefit from for years to come. I walked away with so much more than I expected. I highly recommend it."
Sheryl A. - Portland, OR

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