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Each morning since 2016, I’ve been sending out a daily dose of inspiration email at 6 am PST.

The email may include a story that I found touching, or an inspiring poem, or a poignant quote, or some other nugget of wisdom that I've recently come across in my daily life. Each message is intended to be short enough to read and digest in less than a minute, but impactful enough to linger in your awareness throughout your day, and leave you feeling spiritually nourished.

Every now and again, I’ll repeat a daily dose, not because I’m lazy, but because I want my newer subscribers to enjoy some of the more impactful stories and inspiration from past messages; and I feel the repetition is relevant for deepening our understanding of many of these concepts.

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Here’s an example of the kind of message you can expect to receive each morning:


Bad habits

I was addicted to sugar as a kid—so much so that I would sprinkle sugar on my Frosted Flakes cereal because it wasn't sweet enough. In my 20's I tried to stop eating so much sugar, but I kept asking myself sloppy questions like, "Is eating this one cookie going to kill me?"

Obviously, the answer was, “No.”

But eventually, I learned that I needed to start asking myself stronger questions like, "Is eating this one cookie going to help me break my addiction to sugar?"

Same answer, different results.

My lessons were simple: 1) It's easy to justify sloppy behavior by asking sloppy questions. 2) Asking sloppy questions is a bad habit just like eating sugar. 3) We can't be sloppy six days of the week and expect to somehow be strong on the seventh. 4) Asking stronger questions is a habit worthy of strengthening.



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