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Rosario Dawson

"Light was my meditation teacher, and Bliss More perfectly encapsulates the timeless wisdom I learned in his training. If you're ready to start a solid meditation practice, look no further."

— Rosario Dawson



“People are tearing through Bliss More and feeling more encouraged than ever that they indeed can meditate!"

— Liz Harris, co-owner, Balance



"I recommend that all of my patients start a meditation practice, and while it's ideal to learn with a teacher, Bliss More is one of the best meditation books I've ever come across for getting you started. Light has the gift of being able to demystify meditation in a way that will make you want to meditate, even if you feel your mind is too busy." — Frank Lipman, MD


  • Discover why you fall asleep in meditation

  • Learn why your mind won't stop racing and what to do about it

  • Discover how to settle your mind in meditation

  • Find out all the ways you're making meditation hard

  • Learn which position is the most efficient for meditation


“Light Watkins has been the individual to show me just how easy it is to make meditation a part of my everyday life.” — Gabby Reece

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Dan Harris's 10% Happier Podcast

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Light Watkins discusses Bliss More on KTLA in Los Angeles

Light Watkins discusses Bliss More on KTLA in Los Angeles


"Light saved my life! Take it from a nebbishy neurotic anxious comedian who used to hyperventilate his way through life - meditation saved me, and Light showed me the way!"
— Eric Andre

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"Light Watkins is an extremely knowledgeable Vedic teacher. In this beautifully written how-to guide, he takes the essence of that tradition and makes it accessible, perhaps for the first time ever in written form. Utilizing the E.A.S.Y. technique he gives you everything you need to know to launch a practice that relieves deep-rooted stress and helps you live a more meaningful life."



"In Bliss More, Light Watkins has decoded the art of meditation by crafting an accessible, user-friendly, step-by-step manual to becoming an expert meditator and finding your inner bliss. This book is fitting for everyone – from novices to experts!” — Agapi Stassinopoulos

How can Bliss More help if you:


Never meditated

  • Understand how to succeed in meditation without forcing it

  • Develop a daily practice that will yield the most popular benefits

  • Get common-sense tips and hacks for optimizing your meditations

  • Discover the "real world" benefits of meditation

  • Take the guesswork completely out of meditation

  • Learn how to access the bliss within on a consistent basis

Already meditate

  • Understand how to make your current practice more efficient

  • Develop a language to better articulate your experiences

  • Learn how to more accurately measure success in meditation

  • Create a more structured routine based on the latest science

  • Let go of shoddy guesswork when it comes to meditation

  • Experience more bliss in the time you spend meditating



"With Bliss More, Light has created the go-to book for learning how to meditate with ease. He includes nuggets of wisdom that will improve the experience of every kind of meditator—from the newbie to the skeptic to the seasoned practitioner."
— Michael Dubin, Dollar Shave Club

"There is no one more effective at teaching the new generation of meditators than Light Watkins."


"Light is the modern-day meditation master who doesn't live in the mountains. He shows us a simple way to find inner calm during chaos. Tap into this book now!" 

- Lewis Howes, New york times Bestselling Author of the Mask of Masculinity


Letter from Light

I wrote Bliss More to help people like you find happiness where it truly resides—within.

More than that, I wanted to show you, the reader, how to access your bliss using a time-tested (yet counter-intuitive) approach to meditation that happens to not only be incredibly effective, but easy and even enjoyable... hence, the subtitle, How to Succeed in Meditation Without Really Trying (this is not hyperbole. I literally mean you will learn how to meditate without feeling like you need to force anything to happen). 

There's so much confusion around the practice of meditation, and the goal of Bliss More is to cut through a lot of the misconceptions and B.S. that makes meditation feel unnecessarily "H.A.R.D."

Once you start reading Bliss More, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how accessible meditation can actually be and how relevant of a practice it is for everyone—especially for busy people with busy minds. 

You may not have realized this, but most meditation books aren't written by meditation teachers. They have been written by doctors, psychologists, monks, motivational speakers, internet marketers, yogis, researchers, or celebrities who have spent a few years meditating. But very few books have been written by people who have spent their days, months, and years teaching regular people (non-monks) how to meditate with ease and how to track their progress over years and years.

My history as one of the most effective and experienced meditation teachers (of thousands of regular people like you) makes me uniquely qualified to spread this message of how to bring more bliss into your meditation and life, and I can't wait to share it with you!

I'm positive that you'll find it to be a most useful tool for starting or refining your meditation practice.



P.S. See what wellness advocates have already said about Bliss More below.



“It’s impossible to read Bliss More and not come away with a comprehensive understanding of how easy and simple meditation can be, why you should be practicing it daily, and how it will improve your life in meaningful and transformative ways.” — Mark Hyman, MD

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