Learn to Meditate from home

If you can't make it out to my live course, then I highly recommend taking one of my online courses.



  • This course is designed for busy people with short attention spans.

  • There are no long-winded explanations or multiple DVDs that you have to keep up with.

  • You stream only five straightforward 20-minute lessons directly from your device, and I'll give you instructions for a home meditation to practice in between lessons.

  • By the end, you will be a self-sufficient daily meditator, reaping the benefits of this beautiful practice. 




"The course is excellent. I like how there was not a lot of "fluff" and all the information was valuable and relevant. I liked the incremental approach. Learn > practice > learn > practice."
Kim H. - Dayton, OH


"This online program was easy to do, full of golden wisdom and worth the time to add this to my lifestyle! I highly recommend Light’s program to everyone!"
Jesse B. - Prague, CZ


"Light's online course helped me engrain meditation in my everyday life almost immediately."
Kaiti V. - Athens, Greece


"I actually lowered my blood pressure a little so far with the meditations. I suspect it will even get lower the more I do it."
Brian H. - Wilmington, NC

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