Start Exercising your "inner" muscles

to-do "inner exercises" on a daily basis. The book follows the similar progression of a gym workout, where you have warm-up exercises before the heavier lifting. The payoff is: when you tap into the place where true happiness resides, it will eventually stabilize... And your life will never be the same. 

I wrote this book for people who want quick tips for being happy, but who don't like to read. This is really a workbook, or a workout plan, for happiness. Instead of relying on having to choose happiness all the time, this book teaches you how to cultivate inner happiness from within, by practicing a handful of simple-




"It's not just about meditation, although it provides a very approachable guide to a beginning meditator, it also provides other tools to bring your happiness to the surface."
Leanne, Review

It's an easy, quick read

"I got so much out of The Inner Gym! It's an easy, quick read, the practices only take a few minutes, yet the payoff is a deep, great sense of real, inner fulfillment, peace & happiness."
Mary, Review

Practice happiness

"An easy to follow and relatable guide to the world of both mediation and practices that support happiness. Well worth the read."
Andrew, Review

A Meditation Manual

"After many years of unsuccessful attempts at meditating, I've finally reached a breakthrough thanks to Light Watkins and this book."
Ashley Fontaine, Review


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