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How am I supposed to experience the Settling Sound?
The Settling Sound should be experienced mentally only. You do not need to sync it with your breath. Just think it to yourself in a relaxed manner, no focus required. You can listen to how Light recommends experiencing it below (it's best to listen with headphones):

Additionally, enroll in the free 21-Day challenge to get more instructions for using the Settling Sound and optimizing your meditation experiences.

Should I listen to music or white noise while meditating?
If you prefer to, but it’s not necessary or recommended.

What’s the minimum amount of time I should meditate?
No less than 15 minutes, once a day, and no more than 20 minutes, twice a day.

Is the E.A.S.Y. approach the same as Vedic or Transcendental Meditation?
Not even close. Some of the principles are similar, but VM and TM can only be taught in person (because you receive a personalized mantra, which can’t be given through a book), as well as personalized instruction and ongoing support with your teacher, which is the most important component for mastering meditation. Plus, there are many aspects of those techniques that don’t translate well in book form, so they were excluded from Bliss More.

What does Light think of Calm and Headspace or some other style of meditating?
Light is a fan of all forms of meditating that people enjoy doing. If you don’t enjoy doing them, then try something else until you find something you enjoy. Err on the side of keeping it simple though. The more stuff you add to your practice, the more difficult it will be to maintain consistency, and the goal is to be as consistent as possible.

What if I have questions about my meditation practice or experiences that occur in and around the practice?
Unfortunately, Light can not provide answers about your meditation experiences without you first completing a comprehensive meditation assessment. There are many factors that can effect your meditation experiences (from diet, to lifestyle, to approach), and without a proper assessment, Light can not provide you with competent answers (and no one else can either). Your assessment can be completed here in about 10-15 minutes, and there is a $108 exchange for Light to review your assessment and provide you with answers to your questions. Alternatively, for $20/mo, you can join Light’s online support group for Bliss More readers called The Shala and get your meditation questions answered directly by Light on a weekly basis (and cancel anytime). Get information on The Shala here.

What’s the best way to get free support?
Sign up for our 21-Day Meditation Challenge and you’ll get a better understanding of the E.A.S.Y. approach as you go through the challenge.

Do I need to have a copy of Bliss More to do the challenge?
The challenge is built around the book, so yes. And in order to register, you will need to upload proof of receipt.

How can I purchase bulk orders of Bliss More?
Go to 800ceoread for bulk orders.

What’s the best way to continue supporting Light or Bliss More?
Tell friends, leave an Amazon review, or purchase copies of Bliss More for others on Amazon.

I would like to learn meditation from Light Watkins in person. How can I do that?
Go to and you can find Light’s in-person teaching options and information on retreats there.