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Rosario Dawson:
"Light was my meditation teacher, and if you're ready to start a solid daily meditation practice, look no further."

Dr. Frank Lipman:
"Light has the gift of being able to demystify meditation in a way that will make you want to meditate, even if you feel your mind is busy."

Gabby Reece: 
“Light Watkins has been the individual to show me just how easy it is to make meditation a part of my everyday life."

Comedian Eric Andre:
"Meditation saved me—a nebbishy neurotic anxious comedian who used to hyperventilate his way through life—and Light showed me the way!"

Dr. Deepak Chopra: 
“Light Watkins’s approach to meditation is both simple and profound. With him as your guide, you will unlock the secrets to establishing a regular and powerfully healthy daily practice.”

Big Quiet founder Jesse Israel: 
"There is no one more effective at teaching the new generation of meditators than Light Watkins.”


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