Learn Meditation in a comprehensive way

in Los Angeles, New York & Chicago

I teach one of the easiest forms of meditation, called Vedic Meditation. It's known as the quintessential "householder" meditation technique, because it's so simple to learn and practice (even if you have a busy mind or lifestyle).

Benefits, such as better sleep and less stress, are tangible and immediate. People who practice Vedic Meditation regularly also report being happier, thinking more clearly, and feeling more present.

In these 4-day trainings, I personally teach you about every aspect of meditation and once it's over, I continue to support you in your practice.

My goal is to help you meditate easily and successfully on your own, and without needing to rely on meditation apps, mp3s, or videos.

You can learn in a group, private, or corporate courses. I also lead international meditation retreats a few times a year. What makes this training unique is that once I train you, you have free access to me and my courses for life.

You start by coming to an Intro to Meditation orientation in your area so we can meet in person, and I can answer any questions you have. Get more detailed information below, and I hope our paths cross soon!


How to get started meditating:

Step 1

Attend a complimentary Intro to Meditation in your area (see dates below)

Step 2

Enroll in the 4-day comprehensive meditation training where you become a self-sufficient meditator

Step 3

Once the training is over, you continue to receive a lifetime of support + unlimited access to "refresher" classes


Upcoming Intro to meditation sessions

About the Intro to Meditation

You start by coming to one of my Intro to Meditation sessions, where we meet in person and I provide you with a complementary overview of the Vedic Meditation technique and course of instruction. This includes debunking common meditation misconceptions and offering insight into the nuances of meditation that are rarely discussed (or even known) by many practitioners. 

This session is for your informational purposes only. We will not be meditating during the session. To get the full experience of the Vedic Meditation technique, you must enroll in my 4-session training, which will provide you with everything you need to meditate easily and successfully, including ongoing support from me. The comprehensive training is offered on a sliding scale, and usually begins the day after the Intro to Meditation, provided that there is still space available.


"If you've wanted to learn meditation, I encourage you to check out Light's training. Plus you have lifetime access to his classes."
Scott W. - Los Angeles, CA

"He checks in with you after the course and is always available should you need him, and I have. I'm grateful for meeting him."
Vicki B. - Los Angeles, CA

"I can honestly say that this has been one of the best investments that I've ever made in my life. You get ongoing support and the ability to retake the class any time in the future."
Jennifer J. - Los Angeles, CA

"The best part about having Light as your teacher is, every few days he makes sure to get in touch to see how you are doing.  He encourages you to keep up the practice."
Danielle W. - Chicago, IL