I've given a popular TEDx talk, am founder and host of The Shine movement hailed by The New York Times as “enlightertainment,” and have spoken at Wanderlust Festivals, Apple, Summit, Goop, Feel Good, SoHo House, MindBodyGreen and other events and festivals around the world.

My keynote topics include:

The Art of Inspiration: Starting Your Own Movement

In this talk, Light takes audience members through a ten-point journey that demonstrates the importance of merging their "why" with their path to success. Light provides common-sense takeaways for starting a movement wherever they are in life, and makes a case for not waiting until conditions are ideal. Light draws from his personal experience with starting The Shine Movement, a non-profit pop-up variety show with events in Los Angeles, New York, and London. 
Average length: 60 mins (with Q&A)

The Power of Meditation on Happiness & Productivity

Do you think you don't have time to meditate? Light makes a compelling case for the fact that you actually don't have time to skip meditation, and provides the audience members with real-world action steps for getting the most out of the practice so they can enhance happiness and productivity in real-world ways outside of meditation. Light draws from his 20 years of experience with practicing and teaching meditation to thousands of people around the world. 
Average length: 60 mins (with Q&A)

Re-Thinking Mindfulness

In this talk, Light dispels the myths surrounding the nature of the mind as it relates to the concept of "mindfulness," and all the fascinating reasons why mindfulness is often the opposite of what people think. Light will lead a brief meditation and leave the audience with actionable tips for experiencing true mindfulness inside and outside of meditation. 
Average length: 60 mins (with meditation and Q&A)

Meditation for Non-Meditators

In this talk, Light discusses the most common meditation myths and how to navigate around them in a way that allows meditation to feel incredibly easy and enjoyable. The intention is to help audience members feel excited about starting a daily meditation practice or improving their current practice. This talk includes a brief meditation experience. 
Average length: 45 - 60 mins (with meditation and Q&A)