Who is this meditation training for?

My meditation training is for anyone who is interested in learning how to meditate in a comprehensive, self-sufficient way.

How do I start?

Everyone starts by attending my complementary Intro to Meditation orientation, where we meet in-person, and I explain more about the process of learning the technique. I will answer your questions, and maybe ask some of my own. If we decide to work together, you will be invited to register for my comprehensive training. Below are the next available Intro to Meditation sessions:

When does the comprehensive training start?

If we decide to move forward after the orientation, the next training usually starts on the following day, and continues over four days for 90 minutes each day. In order to complete the training, you will be required to attend one 90-minute session a day on each of the four days. The sessions are usually scheduled before or after standard work hours. 


You can find the schedules for upcoming trainings at the bottom of their respective Intro to Meditation registration pages.

What will I get from taking the training?

Step-by-step, I will teach you the key principles for meditating in the easiest, most effortless way. You will learn that there is nothing arbitrary about meditation—from the way you sit, to the time of day you practice, to the way you treat your thoughts. You will also have plenty of home practice, group practice, and Q&A. By the end of your training, you will be an expert meditator, able to meditate successfully almost anywhere, even if you have a busy mind. At the conclusion of the course, I will provide you with my cell number and email address so you can contact me whenever you have future meditation-related questions (with no expiration). You will also receive an open invitation to return and sit in on the course whenever I'm teaching new students.


Although there are rare exceptions (mostly in the case of referrals), it's not likely that you can take my training without us first meeting, or at least speaking. For best results, it's good for you to experience the Intro Session, which is essentially an orientation to the training. If you can't make the Intro Session, you and I would have to at least have a phone conversation, or we can schedule a private Intro Session for a fee.


If you have to miss one or two of the training sessions, we may be able to schedule an alternative time for us to meet, or I can supply you with a recording of the missed session so you stay caught up with everyone else. Then, the next time I'm teaching, you'll be invited to come and sit in on the session you missed.


I'm an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation, which means I'm not affiliated with the Transcendental Meditation organization, or any organization for that matter. However, people who've learned TM note that the format of learning Vedic Meditation with me is comparable to what Transcendental Meditation offers, in that your receive a mantra along with 3 days of follow-up, plus a lifetime of ongoing support. 


For live, personal instruction, a lifetime of access to my classes, plus support, the cost is a one-time fee starting at $500, based on your annual income. If you earn or receive more than 100k per year from any funding source, you qualify for the top tier. And if you earn less, your tuition amount will drop accordingly. See the scale below:

Sliding-Scale Tuition

* These rates are applicable only if you register on the evening of your Intro Session. Payment plans are also offered if needed.

Your tuition is determined by you on the honor system, and must be made before instruction commences. I also offer couples discounts, and payment plans (if you need to pay over time). 

If you would prefer to make less of an investment, I have a streaming video meditation course that is only a few hundred bucks, and comes with email support. If you take this option, you will receive a credit for the live course.

Or, if you would prefer private training, the cost is $3500 if you come to me, and more if I come to you.

How do you justify the cost of the training?

Your one-time tuition advance-funds your initial personal instruction and a lifetime of support directly with me. And you're not just getting my time, but you're also getting my 13+ years of teaching experience. Compared to all of the other meditation offerings on the market, this is perhaps the least expensive when you factor in the level of comprehensive instruction, the ongoing support, and the expertise I provide. As you'll quickly see, the most essential component for success in meditation is learning properly the first time, and having access to the person who trained you months and even years down the line whenever you have questions.

What if I don't need a lifetime of support?

With meditation, it's hard to know what you need or don't need until you get trained. In my personal experience of teaching thousands of people to meditate, just about everyone requires at least a minimal level of support and/or inspiration after their initial course ends. 

Having access to me whenever you have questions about your practice is by far the most valuable aspect of the training and will be the secret to your success as a meditator (think of it like having a "Genius Bar" for meditation). 

Other meditation offerings will usually charge you for this level of ongoing support, or they will require a subscription plan, or they will shuffle you around to different teachers who may not be as familiar with your meditating history. 

Are there any hidden costs after you take the course?

None. You make one payment, which covers you for life. After your initial training, you are encouraged to return as much as you'd like, and get as much support from me as you need in order to remain a self-sufficient meditator.

How do you have time to support everyone you teach?

I make sure I do a very thorough job in the beginning, and provide lots of resources throughout your first few years of meditating, so I'm not inundated with meditation questions down the line. I also extend an open invitation for former students to sit in on the training as a refresher, which helps to refine your understanding of the technique and commitment to practicing it.

Are there scholarships or payment plans?

Yes, there are payment plans, which mainly consists of bringing post-dated checks to your first day of instruction. And I don't have a formal scholarship program, but every now and again, a generous student will contribute more to help someone who can't afford to learn. You can always ask.

Where Do You teach?

I primarily teach in Santa Monica, New York City, and Chicago. I also offer international meditation retreats, where you can learn to meditate in a tropical environment for a fraction of the cost (not including your accommodations). 

How big are Your classes?

My class sizes range from a few people to a dozen. I purposefully cap the number of participants to insure that I give a generous amount of personal attention to each participant. 

Is the Meditation Training on your retreats the same as the ones you regularly teach?

Yes. But when you take the meditation training on one of my retreats, you usually end up paying less than what it would cost to learn in Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. However, it doesn't include the cost of the actual retreat.

Have you ever Taught someone who couldn't learn the technique?

No. By the end, everyone gets it. Usually, people who think they are going to be tough cases are pleasantly surprised by how easy meditation feels when they learn and practice the counterintuitive mechanics for moving beyond their busy mind. It's much easier than you think. However, it's up to you to stick with it. And if you fall of the wagon, it's also reassuring to know that you can come back at any time for a free reboot, either with myself or with any of my colleagues... even years later.

Do You offer private or Corporate courses?

Yes. It's strongly recommended that the decision-maker attend my Intro to Meditation orientation before discussing private or corporate training options. Tuition for private and corporate courses varies on the number of people, as shown below:

Private and corporate tuition

Rates are per person, and may vary based on distance, dates and times.

Do I have to take the training right away?

No. Once you have attended the Intro to Meditation orientation you may register for any future training. You do receive a generous discount if you register for a future course on the same night of your Intro. Either way, you don't have to repeat the orientation.

How long before I feel the benefits? 

The fastest benefit I've seen in the overwhelming majority of the people I train is better sleep, which happens almost immediately (this includes insomniacs and people who take sleep medication). The other benefits, such as less anxiety, more happiness, and better health, occur more gradually.

It's best not to wait until you're in an emergency situation to begin meditating. If you start meditating daily when everything's fine, then when a life emergency occurs, you'll deal with it far better than someone with no history of consistent meditation. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about trying to learn a new skill in the midst of all the drama. 


Meditation apps are generally devoid of personalized instruction, which is a pre-requisite for mastery, and drop-in studios are the most expensive way to meditate where you're paying by the hour, with virtually no free support. Most apps and meditation classes offer guided meditation, which is a starter technique. What I teach you is how to meditate successfully on your own.