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Day 19

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Here's your suggested reading from Bliss More:

 Read as much of Chapter 11(Chapter 15 in the audiobook) as you canabout the Four Most Common Thoughts (10 mins)

When things don't go according to plan, there's always guerrilla meditating

One thing is for certain: Life is going to catch up to your meditation practice. You'll get crazy busy, and you may think you don't have time or privacy to properly meditate. That's why it's good to be ready to improvise when necessary.


Guerrilla meditating may happen in:

  • the bedroom closet
  • the office stock room
  • a parking garage
  • the doctor's office
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Instead of worrying about what you don't have, do whatever you can with what you do have. These are not excuses to skip meditation:

  • No mantra
  • No timing device
  • No comfortable back support
  • No quiet
  • No privacy

If someone disturbs you, just politely go back to your meditation. Or you may have to get up and answer a door or a phone, or take the dog out, or whatever, in the middle of your meditation. That's all fine. Just adapt to your environment.


Today's Challenge:

Today, step outside of your normal routine and meditate for 20 minutes somewhere weird. Go in a stairwell, or meditate in the living room around others, or do it on a road trip in the back seat. Or meditate in a bathroom. And as you're going throughout your day, ask yourself, if I had to meditate in this environment, how would I make it happen?


The idea behind this exercise is to remove all excuses for skipping meditation, in anticipation of those extra busy, super hectic days that are going to threaten your commitment. The more you're able to go guerrilla with your meditation, the more successful you'll be in your practice.

Accountability Exercise

Post an image that represents your guerrilla meditation practice. And make sure to tag #blissmore and #blissmorechallenge on your post, and take an extra minute to "like" some of the other posts under the #blissmorechallenge hashtag.

Sample accountability post

Today was day 19 of my 21-day #blissmore meditation challenge. I meditated on the subway. It was loud, but I did it! No excuses.  #blissmorechallenge

Today was day 19 of my 21-day #blissmore meditation challenge. I meditated on the subway. It was loud, but I did it! No excuses. #blissmorechallenge

Wanna get a head start on tomorrow's reading?

Read as much of Chapter 12 (Chapter 16 in the audiobook) as you can on The Art of Being Adaptable (12 mins)

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