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Day 18

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Here's your suggested reading from Bliss More:

 Read as much of Chapter 10 as you can (Chapter 14 in the audio version) (17 mins)

Supplementary practices

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Have you been thinking of adding any of the following to your meditation practice:

  • Affirmations
  • Intention setting
  • Visualizations
  • Journaling
  • Breathwork
  • Crystal therapy
  • Gazing at candles

Any of these activities are acceptable and even beneficial, provided that you do them at the right time.

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In other words, you want to keep the first 20 minutes dedicated to the E.A.S.Y. approach. 

And then...

If you want to add some other activities into your practice, you can do so at the end, or in the very beginning, before you start your E.A.S.Y. approach—not during.

Otherwise, you risk doing a Kanye West meditation, where you "mash up" and remix together several different approaches—and Kanye's much better at remixing than you, so don't offend Kanye by trying to blend all of your various practices together during your 20-minute E.A.S.Y. approach.

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Today's Challenge:

Meditate as instructed for 20 minutes, and if you wish, add in a supplementary practice to the beginning or end of your meditation (not during). Also, it's time to revisit your meaningful exchange. Have you been taking steps? The effectiveness of your practice over the longterm will heavily depend on the space you create in your life by offering up something of value in exchange—whether it's time, money, or other resources. Don't let that aspect of the practice fall by the wayside.


Did you implement an affirmation practice or yogic breathing to the beginning or end of your meditation? This way, you don't have to allow your other wellness practices to compete with your E.A.S.Y. approach to meditation, nor do you have to sacrifice the E.A.S.Y. approach in order to incorporate whatever else you've been doing. There's room for it all, provided that we keep them separate.

Accountability Exercise

Post any image that represents how your exchange has taken shape. If there are any new developments, let us hear about them. Otherwise, post an affirmation or intention for your practice beyond these 21 days, knowing that if you write it, then it will come true. And make sure to tag #blissmore and #blissmorechallenge on your post, and take an extra minute to "like" some of the other posts under the #blissmorechallenge hashtag.

Sample accountability post

I see myself traveling a lot throughout Europe in the next twelve months, and I'm going to be meditating daily every step of the way.  #blissmore #blissmorechallenge

I see myself traveling a lot throughout Europe in the next twelve months, and I'm going to be meditating daily every step of the way. #blissmore #blissmorechallenge

Wanna get a head start on tomorrow's reading?

Read as much of Chapter 11 (Chapter 15 in the audiobook) about the Four Most Common Thoughts (10 mins)

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