Light wasn't born with a gift in meditating nor with the name Light.

He dabbled in meditation, had his difficulties, and distanced himself from the practice until a friend introduced him to someone who would change his life forever. After a few years, a journey to India and Light Watkins, one of the most leading meditation teacher now was born. 

He travels the world with the passion to teach meditation and show people that meditation is easy and accessible. Light met his teacher who oozed with calmness, happiness and inner peace which prompted him to give meditation a second try and inspired him to become a teacher with the hope he'd have the same effect on other people. Besides teaching easy meditation techniques, he also passionate about giving talks on happiness, mindfulness, and inspiration. 

Light since has been invited to give talks to both small and big events. He’s given over 500 public meditation talks all over the world, spreading the message of meditation as a key tool for creating inner happiness for busy urban professionals. Light was also given the opportunity to speak at TED Talk.