Want Light to appear at your event as a keynote speaker, meditation guide, or panelist?

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Light Watkins wasn't born with a natural gift for meditating, nor with the name "Light."

For years he dabbled in meditation, had his difficulties, and maintained a strained relationship with the practice, until 2002 when a friend introduced him to someone who would inspire him to try a more structured approach. 

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He became a meditation enthusiast, and was inspired to drop everything to become a teacher. After a few years of daily practice, a journey to India or two or three, and Light Watkins, became one of the leading meditation teachers in the world.

He now travels the world speaking to corporations, schools, and non-profits about how to re-think mindfulness so it's less confusing and more accessible for all. He also conducts trainings and facilitates retreats around the globe.

In 2014 he founded a pop-up inspirational variety show called The Shine, which now has events in New York, Los Angeles and London.