The center of wisdom

Ever been to a restaurant with pages and pages of menu items, and noticed how much harder it is to decide what you want to eat? It's the classic paralysis of analysis phenomenon--too many choices.

Yet, we often mistake having lots of options in life with ultimate freedom.

But in ancient wisdom traditions, it was the opposite. Freedom was less about having multiple options to choose from, and more about developing a strong connection to the heart (or spirit)--which is your center of wisdom. By leading from your heart, you will always know in any moment which is the right choice is for you.

That's why "follow your heart" is still a relevant cliche. We need the constant reminder, because making career or personal choices based solely on money disconnects us from our inner wisdom--which yields depression, anxiety, and burnout syndrome.

There is no amount of money that can make us feel whole like being heart-centered can.

It's not one or the other. We obviously need to make a living, and we should allow our heart to drive the agenda most of the time. It's like a muscle. The more we allow our heart to lead the way, the stronger that connection becomes.

Light Watkins