Asking the right questions

My college buddy Matt was an English major, and he needed to take a philosophy class to satisfy the requirement for his degree. Not wanting to work too hard, he asked one of our other friends, Julian, if he knew of a philosophy teacher that he could recommend.

Without hesitation, Julian recommended Professor Taylor, whose philosophy class he had just completed.

Matt enrolled in Professor Taylor's class, and things started out fine. But by the end of the semester, Matt found himself locked in a nasty battle with Professor Taylor over his grade.

One afternoon, Matt ran into Julian in our dorm and the following conversation ensued:

Matt: Hey Julian, can you believe Professor Taylor is trying to give me a C? What did you get in his class?? 

Julian: Oh, I got a C too.

Matt: You got a C?!

Julian: Yeah.

Matt: (incredulous) Well why did you recommend him to me if you got a C?!

Julian: Because I learned a lot.

Now, was it Julian's fault for recommending Professor Taylor's class, or was it Matt's fault for not asking the right questions?


Light Watkins