The repetition is good

Hanging in my apartment is a framed quote that I need to see often in order to remind me of something very important.

The quote is from the first "spiritual" book I ever devoured, Conversations with God. But in order to appreciate the gravity of the quote, I have to give you a little context:

First, it's good to understand that Conversations with God was conceived out of pure frustration. As legend has it, when Neal Donald Walsch's life "seemed" to be crumbling, he fell into deep despair, and late one night he began demanding answers from God.

He then witnessed himself grab a pen and paper, and begin transcribing God's answers to his questions. Thus, an extraordinary dialogue began between Neal and God. Now, whether you believe that kind of thing is possible or not, all four volumes of CWG are well worth a read.

Anyway, the quote comes from a portion of the dialogue where God is dropping gems of wisdom. And Neal is growing frustrated because God keeps repeating the same fundamental spiritual principles over and over.

This causes an exasperated Neal to respond that he already understands those principles. Then, God calls him out in the most epic way:

"You keep saying you understand this already, Neal, but do you really??" And now the quote that I have framed:

"Your life lived is the truest reflection of what you understand and what you do not yet understand."


Until our life gets to the point of reflecting the level of understanding we claim to have, the repetition is not just good, it's necessary.


Light Watkins