The four points of marriage

This weekend, I attended the wedding of two dear friends. The officiant was Rev. Michael Beckwith, of Agape International Spiritual Center. During the ceremony, he made four points that inspired me, and I wanted to share them with you:

Point one: He said, do not hold yourselves to who you were before you married. Rather, your job is to celebrate the changes that you experience as you grow together on your journey.

Point two: On occasion, you will both require some alone time. Instead of resisting the alone time, you are to be the protector of one another's alone time.

Point three: Have a place in your home where you put a flower to remind you of your commitment to growth and understanding with one another. And in the inevitable moments of conflict, whoever remembers first, place a flower in that spot.

Point four: Be as concerned about your partner's happiness as you are about your own happiness.

Light Watkins