A random act of KINDness

Daniel's father was a Holocaust survivor who liked to share the following story about a simple act of kindness that changed his life forever.

At nine years old, Daniel's father was imprisoned in the Dachau Concentration Camp, where food for prisoners was notoriously scarce, mostly because the Nazis didn't want the Jews to be strong enough to escape or fight back.

When Daniel's father was on the brink of death due to starvation, a Nazi soldier secretly handed him a rotten potato to eat. Daniel's father credited this kind gesture with saving his life and helping him survive the ordeal.

After the war, Daniel's father never forgot about the kindness of that soldier. Daniel remembers being told the story all throughout his childhood, which helped him develop a strong appreciation for random acts of kindness as well.

In an effort to immortalize his father's story of kindness, Daniel Lubetzky created a popular brand of energy snacks in 2004.

There's a good chance you've tasted his snacks before, because his energy snack company became the fastest-growing snack brand in the U.S., with hundreds of millions of bars sold each year. 

Ever hear of KIND bars?

Of course you have, and the next time you see one in the store, let it be a reminder about the importance of random acts of kindness.

Light Watkins