Your third day

Mark Twain said your two most important days in life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.

But I would add a third day to that philosophy: the day you start taking action on your purpose. Your why.

People spend years and years talking about their passion and purpose without ever taking any action, due to fear of failure, embarrassment, or perhaps self-imposed racism, ageism or sexism.

But we could make the argument that, out of our three important days, our third day is the most important.

And the best news of all is your third day can be today.

Your third day isn't dependent upon financial security either. Simply take the next step. A small one will suffice.

This could be doing some research, or choosing to forgo an activity that will free up time in the days ahead to pursue your passion.

Just continue to do at least one small thing each day, and you'll marvel at how the momentum builds.

Light Watkins