Turning the light back on

Anthony Mahavoric grew up desperately wanting to transform his life.

His mother was addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs. She had four husbands, and throughout most of his childhood, she remained holed up in her bedroom, covering the windows with tinfoil to block out the light.

Her oldest child, Anthony, who was short and stocky, became her sole support system. Barely 11 years old, it was his job to lie to the pharmacist in order to score more Valium for Mom, to care for his younger brother and sister, to do all the shopping, make the meals, and fix the garbage disposal--all while Mom hid in her room.

As time passed, his mother became more violent and would occasionally lose control. There was physical hitting, belts, coat hangers, and sometimes she would squeeze liquid soap down Anthony's throat until he threw up. On Christmas eve when Anthony was 17, his mother literally chased him out of the house with a knife. He never returned.

He supported himself by doing repairs for strangers, and earned $40 a week as a part-time janitor while finishing high school. Anthony skipped college, and instead he started promoting seminars for personal development guru, Jim Rohn. Later he became a successful self-help coach, without any formal training.

Anthony eventually learned neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and Ericksonian hypnosis and reached a hundred millions people through his viral self-help informercials. His mission was to help others move past the kind of suffering and limiting beliefs that he experienced as a teenager.

To date, Anthony has worked with some of the most powerful and influential people in the world. He attributes his fame and success to never giving up.

Five-foot-one Anthony Mahavoric who lived in a house with tinfoil taped to the windows, shutting out the light, grew into six-foot-seven Tony Robbins, the man who has helped millions around the world turn that light back on.