Spoiler alert

I find it fascinating how us (humans) want to control/know/predict everything about our lives, but we love not knowing anything about a movie or book we look forward to enjoying.

Here we are, a society driven in a large part by fear of the uncontrollable future, and yet we're obsessed with watching characters on screens and in books whose lives experience the most dramatic twists and turns we can't imagine--or so we hope.

If we can easily predict how a movie will turn out, we come out of the theater telling anyone who will listen, "Don't waste your time seeing that movie. It sucked."

No, we want to be shocked, surprised, amazed, or moved to tears. Those are the best movies--the ones we tell everyone that they must see. Those are the books we can't put down.

How can we allow for more adventure in our "normal" life? Maybe we turn off the news. Maybe we stop obsessing over all of the polls, analysis, speculation, and psychic predictions.

Maybe we live for the moment a little bit more, without caring so much about what the future brings.


Light Watkins