Your last impression

When a business or love relationship ends, how do we exit? With grace? With thoughtful consideration? By honoring our commitments? By going the extra mile?

We put a lot of importance on making good first impressions, but we sometimes underestimate the lasting impact of our final impression.

Anyone doing anything of note will over time develop a reputation, which can either inspire or repel people who haven't met us in person.

Most "bad" reputations are the result of repeated failures to leave a positive last impression. For instance, can anyone say the following about you:

"She quit without giving 2-weeks notice." "He broke up with me via text message." "He never said thanks after I went out of my way to help him." "She never showed up to our meeting and didn't call."

Some of these impressions for which we can be remembered forever are ridiculously small oversights that can still easily be corrected by saying thanks, giving someone a heads up, apologizing, or just by listening.

And the beauty is that every day presents another opportunity to upgrade our past impressions and design our current impressions in the way the best reflects how we ultimately want to be remembered.