The Gold's Gym Effect

I've recently been working out at Gold's Gym in Venice, CA, which is where all of the world's top bodybuilders come to train. Unlike many other gyms I've belonged to, the people working out there are as focused as it gets.

You're inspired just being there. After all, Gold's Venice was where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained when he won Mr. Olympia six times. In fact, you may occasionally see him in there lifting weights.

Since being a member, I've noticed how much more focused I've become while weight training. I don't look at my phone as much. I push myself harder. When you're surrounded by the most focused bodybuilders in the world, it's much easier to stay in the zone.

It's true that we tend to adopt the qualities of our environment, which I imagine is why they say we're the average of the people we spend the most time around. It probably has some fancy-sounding scientific name, but I call it the "Gold's Gym effect."

In fact, that's how I got into meditation--by hanging out with meditators. My diet got healthier back when I started doing lots of yoga. I also notice that I watch more Netflix when I spend time around friends who binge-watch shows. The Gold's Gym Effect.

I'm not giving you any new information here. Just a reminder that if you're unsatisfied in your life, consider surrounding yourself with more people who are doing the things or exemplifying the attributes that you want to enjoy, and let the Gold's Gym Effect work in your favor.