Guerrilla meditating

Someone recently asked me, "Where is the strangest place you've ever meditated?"

Well, I've been meditating for a long time, so there have been many strange places. But I'd have to say that the strangest place was in the change room of a dry cleaners in New York City.

While on a teaching trip to New York, I dropped off some clothes one morning at the cleaners. I was told by the cashier that my clothes would be ready at 5pm. But when I returned at 5pm, the cashier said it would be another 30 minutes, and then he walked to the back, leaving me alone in the front.

I figured it would take me at least 30 minutes to walk back to my place and return to pick up my clothes. And since I usually meditated around that time of day anyway, I decided to find somewhere to do my evening 20 minute meditation.

Scanning around, I saw a tailor's chair, then I noticed a change room just off to the side of the counter. I peeked inside and it was empty.

For a second, I thought about asking for permission to meditate in the change room. But I decided it would be easier to just sneak in and meditate. If I got caught, I'd just apologize.

So I quietly slid the chair in the change room, closed the door, sat down, and closed my eyes. Although I could hear people coming in and out to pick up their clothes, 20 minutes flew by.

I then quietly exited the little closet, hoping that the cashier wouldn't see me, and again I found myself alone in the front. Only this time my clothes were hanging on the pole, waiting for me.

I call that guerrilla meditating, and I highly recommend it. No, it wasn't the deepest meditation I've ever had, but I was still happy I did it.

Where's the strangest place you've ever meditated?

Light Watkins