Different definitions

I once attended a yoga class where the instructor led us into a headstand and proclaimed, "The headstand is the most spiritual yoga pose you can ever do."

As a former yoga teacher, I remember wondering, "Is this guy an idiot? How do you determine which pose is the most spiritual?"

And then it occurred to me that his definition of "spiritual" is based on his understanding of what that word means. So I chose not to allow myself to get annoyed, because we were obviously thinking of two different definitions.

Many times, when we get offended by someone, it's because their idea of what it means to be "punctual," "thoughtful," "mindful," "spiritual," "safe," or "(insert word)" is completely different from our own.

It doesn't make them wrong. Just different, based on different life experiences. If we can remember this, we can adjust our attitude and actions accordingly, and save ourselves from a lot of unnecessary suffering.