About advanced Mantras

What's an Advanced Mantra?
Your original mantra was purpose built for triggering the dive into transcendence. Your Advanced Mantra will be an upgraded version of your current mantra. You may only receive your Advanced Mantra after using your current mantra for a at least 12 months. 

Why would I get an advanced mantra?
The purpose of getting your Advanced Mantra is to speed up the stabilization effect of meditation, and to access higher states of consciousness, beyond cosmic consciousness. Meditators with advanced mantras report having more refined sensual experiences both inside and outside of meditation, in addition to enjoying an increase in the regular benefits of the practice (sleep, adaptation energy, perceptual acuity, etc).

How do I get my Advanced Mantra?
You may schedule an appointment for an Advanced Mantra initiation by emailing Light. You'll need to be re-initiated, by bringing fruits, flowers and a contribution of $500 to your Advanced Mantra session. Light will meet with you at least one other time a few days after receiving your Advanced Mantra to check it and answer any questions you may have.